Milestone DigiFT Press Release (12th September 2022)
DigiFT Press Release (12th September 2022)

DigiFT and Diners Club complete redemption of the first regulatory-compliant corporate note security token


In an industry first, Diners Club’s corporate note was tokenized and issued with an Automatic Market Maker liquidity pool on DigiFT Security Token DEX.



Singapore – September 12th, 2022 – DigiFT, which aims to provide regulated decentralized finance solutions on the Ethereum public blockchain, has successfully completed the issuance, secondary trading, and redemption of a corporate note security token on its Decentralized Exchange (”DEX”). To commemorate the completion of DigiFT’s inaugural listing, 100 NFTs will be minted and air-dropped to partners and various stakeholders.


The one-month note issued by Diners Club (Singapore) Private Limited ("DCS”) was fully subscribed at its initial offering on August 1st, 2022. Investors were able to trade the security token on DigiFT Security Token Exchange more easily with 80% of the transactions completed through the Automatic Market Maker (“AMM”) mechanism. Unlike a traditional exchange that relies on active market makers to complete a buy or sell order, AMM facilitates secondary market trading via smart contract liquidity pools.


Henry Zhang, CEO of DigiFT, shared, “Our token investors are the first in the world to trade real-world regulated financial assets on a public blockchain DEX. We will continue to innovate and offer more investment products for digital users in a regulatory-compliant manner.” Mr. Philip Koh of DCS shared, “The token is a significant breakthrough that leverages the benefits of blockchain to develop an alternate source of funding.”


DigiFT, founded in 2020 by Wanli Li and Henry Zhang, is striving to be the first regulated decentralized security trading exchange and is currently operating in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s FinTech Regulatory Sandbox (“Sandbox”) as an exempt Recognised Market Operator with a Capital Market Service license. The blockchain-based exchange is the first decentralized finance trading platform admitted into the Sandbox. It facilitates the primary offering and secondary trading of security tokens backed by financial assets. As a result, investors can trade directly from their digital wallets after completing a know-your-client onboarding process.     


DCS is a franchisee of Diners Club International Ltd., and is also regulated as a credit card issuer by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Banking Act 1970. The company has a large cardmember base in Singapore.


About DigiFT

DigiFT aims to provide regulated decentralized finance solutions on the Ethereum public blockchain. We are launching the first regulation-abiding digital asset exchange. Asset owners can issue blockchain-based security tokens on our platform, and investors can trade with continuous liquidity via the Automatic Market Maker mechanism. We are a global outfit backed by well-established venture partners. The founding team originates from Goldman Sachs, UBS, Citibank, and Morgan Stanley. It has deep blockchain technology knowledge, having successfully developed digital asset exchange and products in the past.


For more information, please contact:

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DigiFT Diners Club 完成了首个符合监管要求的公司票据证券型代币的赎回

作为业界首创,Diners Club 的公司票据被代币化,并在 DigiFT去中心化证券型代币交易所上通过自动做市商流动性池完成发行


新加坡 – 2022 9 12 致力于在以太坊公链上提供受监管的去中心化金融解决方案的 DigiFT 已在其去中心化交易所(“DEX”)上成功完成了公司票据证券型代币的发行、二级交易和赎回。为纪念此次成功发行,100 个纪念版 NFT 将被铸造并空投给代币持有者和合作伙伴。

Diners Club (Singapore) Private Limited (DCS) 发行的 1 个月期票据在 2022 8 1 日的首次发行时获全额认购。80%的交易通过自动做市商机制(“AMM”)完成,使得投资者能够更轻松地在 DigiFT 去中心化交易所交易证券型代币。与传统交易所依靠活跃做市商来完成买卖订单不同,AMM 能够通过智能合约流动性池促进二级市场交易。

DigiFT 首席执行官Henry Zhang分享说:我们的代币投资者是世界上首个在公共区块链 DEX 上交易现实世界受监管金融资产的先行者。 DigiFT将继续创新,并以合规的方式为数字用户提供更多投资产品。” DCS Philip Koh 分享说:资产代币化是一项重大突破,它利用区块链的优势来开拓了另一种资金来源。

DigiFT2020 年创立,致力成为第一家受监管的去中心化证券型代币交易所。DigiFT现阶段已经取得新加坡金融管理局 (MAS) 批准,在金融科技监管沙盒中运营,也是沙盒中的第一家直接在公链上交易的平台。平台促成真实世界的资产在区块链上发币和交易,合格投资者可以直接从他们的以太坊数字钱包发起交易。 

DCS Diners Club International Ltd. 的特许经营公司,Diners Club International Ltd. 被新加坡金融管理局基于“Banking Act 1970”认证为合资格的信用卡发行商 在新加坡拥有庞大的持卡会员群。




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