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DigiFT Deepens Strategic Partnership with HashKey Capital to Offer Regulated Access to Treasury Management Opportunities On-Chain

Singapore, 15 January 2024 — DigiFT, a regulated exchange for on-chain real-world assets (RWA) licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), today announced it will be offering regulated treasury management and diversified investment services for HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies in a strategic partnership with HashKey Capital, an institutional asset manager investing exclusively in blockchain technology and digital assets. 


The Key Treasury Challenges Survey[1] found that the top treasury objective for corporate treasurers is in optimising working capital and liquidity. Recognising the scarcity of compliant and secure financial products in the market, DigiFT is offering a series of RWA investment offerings including its trademark product, DigiFT U.S. Treasury Token (DUST), the first fully regulatory-compliant U.S. Treasury token issued on a public blockchain — backed by a single U.S. Treasury note with a specific maturity date, DUST offers accredited and institutional investors an on-chain channel to invest in U.S. Treasuries, with the physical U.S. Treasuries custodised with a licensed broker-custodian in Singapore, as well as the first regulatory-compliant Ethereum (ETH) staking token.


Under the partnership, DigiFT will customize and tailor asset packages accordingly to the needs of HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies. As the first licensed on-chain RWA exchange in Singapore, DigiFT’s solutions addresses the gap of secure and reliable treasury management and investment offerings from licensed institutions.


This strategic partnership is addressing a market gap in treasury management as corporate treasurers continue to challenges in balancing short-term volatility while investing for long-term growth. HashKey Capital’s portfolio companies will stand to benefit from DigiFT’s innovative products as they look to maximise the business runway and reduce cash burn.


Henry Zhang, Founder and CEO of DigiFT said, “We’re thrilled to start the year strong by taking our partnership with HashKey Capital to the next level. As the first exchange for on-chain RWA to be approved as a Recognized Market Operator with a Capital Markets Services license granted by MAS, we’re certain our partnership with HashKey Capital will imbue the much-needed regulatory compliance around the evolving digital asset ecosystem. DigiFT will continue providing regulated pathways for RWAs including fixed-income products, and expand our offerings to encompass various asset classes for an on-chain financial future.”


Mia Mai, Portfolio Lead of HashKey Capital said, "Our partnership with DigiFT marks a pivotal moment among our RWA-focused portfolio companies. This collaboration serves a dual purpose: firstly, to provide HashKey's ecosystem projects with secure and compliant financial products, and secondly, to pave the way for industry-wide standards, promoting the adoption of regulatory-centric digital asset management practices. Together, we are forging a future where the pillars of safety, integrity, and regulatory compliance set the definitive standards for the entire financial ecosystem."


Established in 2021, DigiFT is the first and only regulated on-chain RWA exchange with an automatic market-making mechanism to be licensed as a Recognised Market Operator with a Capital Markets Services license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Interested parties who are keen to learn more about DigiFT’s regulatory-compliant solutions and offerings can get in touch via email.


Disclaimer: This article is not an advertisement making an offer or calling attention to an offer or intended offer.




About DigiFT

DigiFT is the first regulated exchange for on-chain real-world assets, approved as a Recognised Market Operator with a Capital Markets Services license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. DigiFT allows asset owners to issue blockchain-based security tokens and investors can trade with continuous liquidity via an AMM.

Established in Singapore in 2021, DigiFT is fully committed to meeting regulatory requirements to operate in the capital markets space in Singapore, while providing innovative financial solutions that push the boundaries of financial services in a responsible manner.

DigiFT’s founding team comprises executives who have held positions within the finance and fintech worlds at Citi, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and possess deep blockchain technology knowledge, having successfully developed digital asset exchange and products in the past.

For media inquiries, please contact:

[email protected]  


About HashKey Capital

Global in influence and crypto-native, HashKey Capital is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, founders and talents advance the blockchain industries. As one of the largest crypto funds and the earliest institutional investor in Ethereum, HashKey Capital has managed over US$1 billion in client assets since its inception, with over 500 investments in infrastructure, tools, and applications. With our deep knowledge across the blockchain ecosystem, HashKey Capital has built a robust network connecting founders, investors, developers, and regulators.

[1] Key Treasury Challenges Survey by Corporate Treasure and BNP Paribas
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